Buy Lauflicht Launchpad Edition

If you would like to turn your Launchpad into a real Step Sequencer, and to use all the intuitive bidirectional features to speed up your work, the Launchpad Edition is the right choice.

Your benefits

  • free updates: if a new version is released, you will get it for free within 2 years after your buy
  • support via email
  • general help and friendly fellow users in the Renoise forum
  • easy and secure payment

To buy, just click on the buy button below. You can pay per bank transfer, paypal or credit card.
The price of the plugin is 24 EUR (about US$ 29). When buying the plugin you are accepting the License Agreement.

Buy now

After your successful payment, you will receive an email with a personal link to download the plugin immediately. The link is valid for 24 hours. If you missed to download the plugin within this period, please send an email to the support to get a new link.

Please note

Due to a midi bug in Renoise 3.1 the plugin currently does not work correctly with more than one Launchpad. It works only with Renoise 3.0 correctly. The issue was already fixed by the Renoise developers and will be available with the next upcoming Renoise version. Please use Renoise 3.0 when testing or using the plugin with more than one Launchpad. :)

Review in Synthesizer Magazin

The Lauflicht Step Sequencer Launchpad Edition was reviewed in the German "Synthesizer Magazin", issue 32.
Some quotes from the tester Bernd Kistenmacher:

"The Launchpad is regarded as a help for playing and a medium for improvisation. This is working impressively."
"The hands-on element convinces me completely."
"As I had a lot of fun during the work with the Launchpad, I can recommend to get the Launchpad Edition."

What users say

"Lauflicht is a centerpiece of my setup for a long time already." (dtunez)
"This is a very nice plugin. I usually have trouble creating varied and more complicated beats and this makes it alot easier for me" (Trackah123)
"Finally I can use my Launchpad like I ever wanted!" (Gregor D.)
"Awesome!" (jb)